Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with the Kaisers. We had a great time and it is so much fun to have little kids around to help make Christmas magical again. Bridger was a good boy this year, but Santa really didn't want to spoil him. Bridger has plenty of years ahead of him to get loads of toys from the "big guy". He enjoyed his truck, mini basketball hoop, and Little People train set, but what he loved the most from Santa was the train driver that came with the train set. She fits perfectly in his hands and he can crawl around while holding one to her.

One of my projects that for the month of December was to make matching pajama bottoms for our little family. It was really fun to work on a project and see it completed. Check out how cute my boys look in their matching PJ's.

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Jessie said...

CUTE jammies! What a crafy lady you are! Henry loves those little people too!