Let's Take A Walk...

down memory lane.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. Fun huh?!!


cambersue said...

muddy buddies...going to the ranch and shooting clay pigeons.
well, i can't just post one!
carving pumpkins while doing the habanero challenge.
spades marathons at the ranch
chinese checkers
chris ledoux...how embarrassing.
ice fishing at strawberry lake
chedder brats
"some'm fierce"
ahh....the days without little ones, seems like so long ago. love you guys!

cambersue said...

spot tracking deer with big R
moose tracking...;)
me and rusty always losing!
i'll let you know when i think of some more good ones!

Monica said...

We didn't even know each other and we were cuddled up together tight as can be. Fishing poles in hand, wind whipping around us, talking about special ed. There is nothing like freezing your buns off with a stranger. Somehow that experience made us friends. Love ya, Anne.

Kristin said...

Ok, so I've known you for too long! I remember girls camp in our ward when I was a SYCA and you were a 1st year. For the first night of camp, the SYCA's were to take a first year from their individual ward out on a canoe and light a candle on the water. I really wanted to take you hoping to hear maybe something about your brother (I had this thing for him way back then, and I was hoping that someday we could be SIL's even way back then :o) ) but who ever the YW Pres of the ward was wanted me to take someone else. I was bummed I couldn't take you! You probably never even knew that!

Danielle said...

"Play em like a fiddle!" When you'd do your little jig and pretend that you were playing a fiddle. Also, all the times that we would sit in your room and chat about anything and everything.

The Abegglen Family said...

I think watching sad romance movies together. Crying at notebook, ps I love you...we need to have another girls night soon!

Anngee and Shane said...

My entire childhood hardly has a memory without you! Mud Bakery, potato bugs, and good ol'air guitar Jem in the driveway. Playing house with our cabbage patch kids, ice cream parlor, and Nintendo. Sleepovers with dreams that someday Joe Elliot would be my hubby and of course rockin out to Poison in your bedroom! I could go on forever. I'm tearing up just typing it because you mean the world to me. Thanks for the memories!!!!

tristie said...

so many good ones! loved taking the scrapbook class with you! also dancing and goofing off with each other at our apartments and enrichment. I loved having dinner together and looking at each other's scrapbooks. ok that is not one memory, but that is what came to my mind first! love you.

Kari said...

Oh Anne, so many of my favorite High School memories involve you. High Knees, Naya, "crazy, crazy rabbit", Houseboat at Lake Powell and the fun ride down, Jamba Juice, Senior Pride and the list could go on.

How lucky I am to have you as a friend!!

Mandy said...

I too enjoyed you "playin em like a fiddle." All the memories at Snow, but also it was great to always "happen" by your house during dinner time in Logan and watch Rusty eat steak with his fingers!! Good times!!!