Last week I took a little road trip to Salt Lake. It was nice to visit my mom, but the most exciting part of the trip was welcoming home Rusty's little brother, Andrew!! He has been serving as a missionary in Arizona for the church for the last two years. It's crazy to think that Andrew left two years ago...it has gone by so fast.

Andrew had one big change to come home to...1 new niece and 2 new nephews!! Andrew had never seen Noell, Bridger, or Chase so it was fun to have the two boys at the airport to greet him. Bridger really loved his new uncle too! It was crazy! When Andrew went to pick him up he went right to him, no problems at all. And when Andrew tried to give him back to me he didn't want his mom!! It was great! I am so proud of Andrew for serving a great mission. He is an excellent example to all of us and we love him so much. It's great to have him back and we can't wait to get out on the ice next season to do a little ice fishing like the good ol' days! We love you!!

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Jessie said...

A road trip and you didn't stop and see us? I guess that's okay!

That's SO sweet that Bridger loves the unknown uncle! He did take to me quite easily too! What a cute kid!