Not So Sunny Get Away

So for the past few weeks I have been waiting and counting down until my trip to Salt Lake. I kept saying, "Once I get to Salt Lake and spend a few days with family and enjoy a little sun and warmer weather, everything will be better." Well, I guess that sun wasn't in the cards for me this trip to Salt Lake, but I still had a great time.

I was able to spend time with my family, celebrate a birthday and Whitt's upcoming wedding. We hit a couple of favorite places to eat, Astro Burger and Italian Village, which always makes me happy!! I was also able to go to two of my favorite semi annual events, the Making Memories warehouse sale and the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference, with my in-laws Paul and Laurie. It was great to go to Conference, feel the spirit, and listen to the words of the prophet. I think my 2 favorite talks that session were Pres. Packer's and Pres. Monson's, take time to read them if you didn't get to listen.

I also had some business that needed to be taken care of while in Utah; Bridger got tubes put in his ears. That ended up being an all day event, and probably something that I should block out of my memory FOREVER!! I guess I need to be happy that I won't be taking him to the doctor anymore for those darn ear infections. Oh, we also attempted having Bridger's 2 year old pictures taken, yeah right!! That kid can't sit still for more the 1/2 a second, so we ended up with only 1 good picture and another that just had to do!

Rusty came to Salt Lake unexpectedly to spend a few days with us. He said he missed us, but I'm sure he just really wanted to hang out with Bridger and spend some time at Cabela's. It was so helpful to have him there to take care of Bridger while I enjoyed the bridal shower and General Conference, thanks hun, you are a super daddy!

Last of all I got to enjoy my mom's new kitchen. Mom had her kitchen remodeled during the month of March. It was fun to see how happy she was with her new cabinets, slate floor, built-in dishwasher, and biggest highlight of the kitchen, lots of electrical outlets!! I helped her unpack a lot of her dishes, pots, pans, and food that had been stored away for a month. It's amazing how many cooking supplies a woman can have, especially when she doesn't even cook!!

Overall, it was a good trip but I was happy to come home. It seems like when I finally make it to Salt Lake I am overbooked with family events, doctor appointments, pictures, and shopping (because there in NONE here) that I am so exhausted and I don't get to see all you good friends that live there too. Sorry, maybe one day I'll come to Salt Lake with nothing on the agenda...probably not, but we can wish for things anyway!!


Jessie said...

Glad you had a good time, and sad that we didn't get to see you and Bridger!

pamo said...

i love the kitchen. and i'm a little sad we didnt' get to see you, but i know when you come you have a lot of people to see!

Tristie said...

Trips into the city are always so busy! I am so glad the tube thing is over for you. It is pretty traumatic to see your little guy in the hospital like that. How did you do at the sale? I love your mom's kitchen. And I am so glad you got to go to conference! That is neat.